On Children Overboard

This letter was emailed to The Australian on 17th August, and refers to an editorial about John Howard’s apparent lies about the ‘children overboard’ incident prior to the last election, and the revelations of a senior public servant that Howard was told the truth three days before the election. Although critical of Howard, the editorial refers to those opposed to the Iraqi War, including many letter writers and readers of the Australian, as the ‘chattering class’ and the ‘moral middle class’ indicating a certain contempt for its own readers.


Your editorials, even when rightly criticising John Howard for apparent torture of the truth, always seem to manage to stick in a carping sneer at your readers and letter writers who dare to be opposed to your war. It rather undermines the point of the editorial, and frankly seems to display some kind of guilt or embarrassment about your editorial line. 

Could it be that you see the same connection between the ‘children overboard’ and the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ depiction of “truth” that we see, and therefore feel compelled to defend your actions? When The Australian celebrates its fifty years of survival in the year 2014, this period will surely be seen as the lowest point in its editorial integrity. Your embarrassment is understandable, but inexcusable.

circa 2004

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