The Adolts Are In Charge

So this is what happens when ‘the adults are in charge’; or should that be A-dolts? These were the words of the sewer rat Tony Abbot when he clawed, bit, and scratched his way to power. He did warn us that we shouldn’t believe anything he said unless it was in writing, but that’s hardly an out for him. After all “no cuts to education, no cuts to health, no change to pensions, no change to the GST and no cuts to the ABC or SBS” is pretty definitive.

As we know, these lies, and the budget which followed them, led to an instant drop in the polls for the A-dolts, and this grinning, snarling half-wit soon became the most hated and ridiculed Prime Minister in history. Now he is the most hated and ridiculed ex Prime Minister in history, and for this we can thank Malcolm Turnbull.

Turnbull’s listing of his modest achievements during his term as PM left out this major achievement; ridding us of this lecherous cretin. Unfortunately, although it was wonderful to observe such dog vomit cut down without even making it to the next election, it deprived us of the chance to boot his hairy arse out of power with our own steel-capped work boots, and of course the greatest wrecker in our history was able to hang around for three more years like a demented cockroach spreading his vile droppings.

Now he has achieved that which he has spent the last three tax-payer years trying to do: to get rid of his nemesis; and given that no-one at all could stomach the prick making a come-back, trying to install his chosen apostle, Peter Dutton.

Dutton, schooled in the most fascist and corrupt police force in the country, was the perfect fit for the job of demonising the most vulnerable people on the planet, and of course he had the fine example of overseeing death by murder and illness from the man who showed how effectively it could be done; Chuckling Scotty, a member of a weird cult which believes the world is six thousand years old, and whose members speak in tongues. ‘Scomo’ is so full of Christian love that he complained about Julia Gillard spending money so that the family members of forty-eight people who drowned on Christmas Island could attend their funerals. Such a loveable teddy-bear.

Dutton, a man with a face like an outside shithouse door, was tag-teamed with his teeth-baring mentor to carry on his mission of hate; the overseeing of abject cruelty, and the deprivation of adequate health care, and to his credit, he proved to be even better at spreading his venomous hate cross the land. These crimes are so bad that it is necessary to prevent journalists from reporting on them, and it is no wonder that a party who believes the ABC should be dismantled should have a near majority of members who wanted their man to be the next Fuhrer.

Unfortunately for the man with a face like a shithouse dunny door, it seems he also has the brain of a shithouse dunny door, and carried away with the closeness of his first attempt to overthrow Turnbull, the poor fool prematurely ejaculated, and he has spent the following few days trying to clean up the sticky mess in his trousers.

When dead-eyes Dutton informed Turnbull that he had the numbers for another spill, Turnbull, knowing that the cunt he gave so much power to was an inveterate liar, called his bluff, and demanded to see the numbers. Of course Dutton was lying, and the man who makes millions from running child-care centres from his family trust on the one hand, and driving children to suicide on the other, went about lying to other gullible fools and racists in his party to con them into signing his petition.

It is here that we observed the lies and/or the stupidity of three of Turnbull’s ministers. Michaelia Cash, who hates the union movement and workers so much that she sent coppers to raid their offices and told the press about the raid so the it would be on the tv that night; Mitch Fifield, the Communications minister of a party who wants to abolish the ABC, and a member of the IPA who also call for the ABC to be abolished, and Mathias Cormann, the Finance minister who stood alongside Turnbull in support just hours earlier, (and supposed to be the smartest and most loyal man in the party), all informed Turnbull that that the numbers were against him, and therefore they were signing the petition for the spill.

It transpired that without these three ratting on their leader, the required number of forty-three signatures would not have been reached, as it was only the bare minimum of forty-three which was presented to Turnbull the next day. Turnbull also gave dead-eyes-dunny-door a bit of a head fuck by questioning his right to be in parliament at all because of the millions his trust receives from the government. Alas for dead-eyes, Turnbull, unable to save his job, ran rings around the ex-copper, whose expertise seems limited to the tormenting and bullying of hopeless people. For all his efforts to undermine his leader for his own lust for power, the jerk was humiliated.

For all of his ineptness however, Duttonchops has some compensation. His new leader, Teddybear Scomo, is only one rung down the ladder of extreme cruelty and hate from himself. And guess what? Dopey, inept, callous and hateful Muttonhead has been re-appointed to his Ministry of Hate as reward for undermining the Prime Minister and ensuring the government’s defeat at the next election.

And Mitch Fifield and Michaelia Cash have also been returned to ministerial jobs. And  the energiser-bunny root-rat Barnaby Joyce has also been given a new job.

Just as well the adults are in charge.

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  1. leggypeggy says:

    Excellent rundown.

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