Hi, My name is Bob Innes. I have been running my small business, called Desert Dreams, (which involves the sale of Australian Aboriginal artworks), since 1990. My website has a display of artworks for sale, but also includes a collection of photography and other media , and writings relating to my interests.

These interests include Aboriginal culture, Australian history, politics, social justice, and lots of other stuff which shapes the crazy, wonderful, and tragic world we inhabit.

I live at Mount Barker in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia, in the locality I was born into. I have worked with Aboriginal people of the Yuelamu Community, 300 ks from Alice Springs in the Tanami Desert for many years, the source for much of the art presented on this site.


A Coorong Sunset.

2 comments on “About

  1. Keren says:

    Hi Bob,

    My name is Keren Asser, I am currently doing a research assignment on the Mount Barker Summit for my studies at UNISA. I was very moved by your article. I felt sorrow but also surprise to discover how the indigenious people fought and lost for the protection of their land. As I have lived in Mount Barker for nearly 20 years it is heartbreaking to discover soemthing like this could happen so close to home, yet not be shared or discussed in school. As a I am studying to become an art teacher for secondary students, I have sought to discover as much about the Indigenous culture of Australia as possible, so I can share this with those I teach of the next generation. It is positive to see all the changes that have been made to bring this awareness to schools, although there seems a lot more that could be done. My question I would like to ask you was in regards to when your article was written (May – 2012?), and reference to what year it all concluded, also whether you still were any contact with any of the Indigenous people who were a part of the protests before the towers were erected?

    I thankyou sincerly for your time,

    Keren Asser

    • BobInnes says:

      Hi Karen, I was just looking theough my blog posts, and came across your comment, which I am sure I have seen before, but to which I don’t think I have responded. The initial conclusion to the confrontation was 1984, but the follow-ups, (extra buildings, extended tower, cages for support cables) all happened over the next seven or eight years. I wrote the article in May 2012. I have a lot of documentation to refer to, though the article was mostly from strong memories. Some of the people in volved with the protest have died, and I still run into Bluey Roberts occasionally. I also keep in touch with the peole of the central desert I got to know, (including today).

      I am sorry I did not respond to your comments earlier. Please contact me if you have any questions, and I will try to be more responsive.

      Best wishes,

      Bob Innes

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